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Hey! I’m Alex, a creative designer and music producer based in New York. I produce audio/visual content, design user-friendly interfaces, curate marketing/educational materials and bridge the gap between art and technological pursuits. I dive headfirst into deep market research, pull insights out of data with visualizations, and love to help companies, creatives and artists move forward confidently with their digital transformation goals.

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What do I do?

Some roles I've inhabited, skill sets  I've cultivated & rabbit holes I've traversed.

Design Strategy & Systems
Web & Mobile App Design
Front-end Development, UX/UI
SaaS Integration - No/Low Code Stacks
Storyboarding, Creative writing
Educational materials
Video/Photo Editing, Compositing
Market Research & Data Viz
Business Intelligence
Sound Design, Audio Engineering
Music Direction (MD) & Licensing
Music Production &  Composition
Project Management
Talk your ear off about Bitcoin
Creative Problem Solving
Prompt Engineering w/ A.I.
Cybersecurity Consulting
What do I use?

Every creative needs the right tools to build their vision.  I love digging deep into new software and exploring the bleeding edge.

Studio One/Pro Tools/Logic/Ableton
Webflow/VS Code
XD & Figma
Premiere Pro
After Effects
Text-to-Image AI (MJ, Stable Diff etc), Text-to-Vid
OSINT Kali Linux Tools
What you can expect

I design products, systems and campaigns and educational programs that are accessible and inclusive. I strive for sustainability and establishing a long-term mindset to every project.

Clean and functional
Device and user friendly
Efficient and maintainable
Detailed communication

Word on the street

I hired Alex to design the Blaine Harbor Music Festival website. Alex had such an incredible attention to detail when working on our project. He was able to seamlessly adapt to the evolving requests from our Board of Directors. He was always quick to respond to any questions or concerns- we felt extremely confident and secure in Alex’s expertise and professionalism. He made us feel that our project was his top priority at all steps of the way.

I’ve also had the pleasure of working with Alex in a variety of multidisciplinary environments. I’m constantly impressed by his versatility, creativity, intellect, talent, emotional awareness, and kindness. He’s a team player , yet his light always shines forth. I can’t think of any creative situation where Alex wouldn't thrive, and be an invaluable member of any organization.

Nicholas Biello
Artistic Director,
Blaine Harbor Music Festival

Alex and I have collaborated on several projects before coming together to build the DéWarrior holistic advisory platform. His unique ability to sense the shifting nature of innovation and technology has made him a crucial part of our organization.

Alex's deep understanding of the multi-faceted future of decentralized platforms and his infectious passion for this cause has generated significant innovation and improvements in the way DéWarrior does business and positions itself with our customers.

I strongly recommend Alex Hayes not only a conscious free thinker, strategist, and evangelist, but also as a dedicated, loyal, and honest professional - able to deliver reports, ideas, and innovation on ambitious timelines and often constrained resources.

Leonid Kotylar
CEO & Founder of DéWarrior
Regenerative Management Consulting for Cannabis & Hemp

Alex  is one of those rare artists who can do it all. And exceptionally well. I’ve know him from a young age, first as a bassist. He was already playing circles around the adults, thanks to chops and wisdom he picked up from Victor Wooten himself. Yes, that Victor Wooten.  He has since developed into a true renaissance man whose knowledge of music, art, tech and science all came together to form the kind of genius one can only hope for.

Alex co-wrote, arranged, music directed, project managed, produced, mixed, and mastered my debut solo album. Oh, and played the bass and synths on every track. Oh, and did the graphic design for the album art. My experience with him was unbelievable. At first the plan was to have him just do a “rough mix”, and then hand it off. But once I heard what he was cooking up, it became clear that he was the only person  I wanted to lay hands on the sound design. He knew exactly what do to, exactly what I wanted, and any time I’d ask for an adjustment on something it came back to me sounding even more incredible than I could’ve imagined. The album is a work of art thanks to him.

Alex is not only an incredible artist and technician, he’s an incredible person with a beautiful spirit and a profound mind. He’s a true collaborator and leader; any person would be lucky to get to work with him.

Mike Wartella
Broadway lead (Wicked, Rent, The Wanderer,
Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, Tuck Everlasting)

Working with Alex was amazing. He is super professional and exactly what I was looking for. He turned my lyrics into a full fledged masterpiece! I would absolutely work with him again, and will probably keep working with him for all my future projects (if I can!!)

Alexa Marino
Dialogue Designer at Bungie

I highly recommend Alex!

We worked together on co-writing and producing/mixing a song, and he made the process very comfortable and fun. I had an initial idea for my piece, and he brought a lot of great ideas to the table to make it come to life.

During the production process, he was very detail-oriented, attentive to my needs, and dedicated to achieving the product I wanted.

I'm amazed at how many skills he has production and instrumentation wise! Can't wait to work together again.

Jacqueline Basulto
CEO at SeedX, Forbes 30 Under 30 Honoree
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multimedia design

That's me!

As a multidisciplinary creative and tech generalist, I have been very fortunate to wear a wide array of hats and to have studied under some of the most gifted mentors I could ask for.


Frequently asked questions

What type of projects do you take on?

 I usually work on B2C software, that's my forte--where I shine best. But I also have about 15 B2B software products in my portfolio. I do end-to-end product design + branding.

What is your hourly rate?

I only charge hourly for my ongoing projects that need work on the regular. One-time projects are charged upfront to keep it transparent and clean! My hourly rate is $100.

What time-zone do you work in?

I'm based in New York, so Eastern Standard. I regularly do business with the West Coast, Europe and Japan so I'm used to navigating time differences.

What is the typical timeline for a project?

Depends on the scope of the project, really. Some projects take less than a week. Some take months. The best way to find out is to get on a quick call with me, and discuss it. No strings attached!

How do you charge for projects ?

I quote a price upfront--so that you know exactly what you're paying and for what, and there are no surprises later. The exact cost of your project depends on the scope and requirements!

What does your design process look like?

Whether it's a website, a film shoot or music directing an album, there are some standard approaches that help map out a project. Gather ideas and inspiration, identify specific items to solve for, iterate

What metrics do you use to measure success?

Depends on the project! The KPIs of a business, hitting the design goals, achieving an artist or brand's creative vision

What if I need help after the project is complete?

I always make sure to help out my clients one month after the project ends, for free. For any help post that, we can work out an ongoing arrangement!