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Market Research
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2019 - 2023

DéWarrior: Cannabis & Hemp Consulting Startup

Step 1: Website Development on Wix

  • Utilize Wix to build DéWarrior's first website, incorporating the branding guidelines and target audience considerations.
  • Design visually appealing layouts, utilizing relevant imagery, typography, and color schemes to enhance the website's aesthetics.
  • Implement essential features such as clear navigation, contact forms, and compelling content to effectively showcase DéWarrior's services.

Step 2: NDA Presentation Material Curation

  • Collaborate with the team to curate and design NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) presentation materials for clients and prospects.
  • Develop a consistent visual identity, utilizing brand elements to create professional and engaging materials.
  • Ensure that the presentation materials effectively communicate DéWarrior's expertise, value proposition, and highlight the positive impact of their services.

Step 3: Industry Research on Technology and Distributed Systems

  • Conduct extensive research on the role of technology, distributed systems, and tracking software in the Cannabis and Hemp industry.
  • Gather insights on current trends, challenges, and opportunities in the industry's technology landscape.
  • Synthesize research findings into comprehensive reports and recommendations for DéWarrior's clients.

Step 4: Prospecting and Client Acquisition

  • Identify potential clients seeking ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) solutions in the Cannabis and Hemp industry.
  • Conduct prospecting activities, including lead generation and outreach, to establish business relationships and secure new clients.
  • Leverage DéWarrior's expertise and value proposition to attract and engage prospective clients.

Step 5: Content Creation and Thought Leadership

  • Write informative articles for DéWarrior's blog, covering topics related to the Cannabis and Hemp industry, sustainability, and ESG considerations.
  • Research and write detailed reports on various topics, including the incorporation of Bitcoin into business balance sheets and the positive impact of Bitcoin on human rights and energy infrastructure accountability.
  • Present persuasive arguments, supported by research, to showcase the potential benefits and advantages of incorporating Bitcoin in the context of financial strategies and social impact.