June 12, 2023
3 min

Culture, Creative Content, Chaos & Crypto

Culture is speeding up alongside technology in what Ray Kurzweil refers to as the Law of Accelerating Returns, which states that fundamental measures of information follow predictable and exponential trajectories.

Key word: exponential. We are at the curve of the hockey stick in the exponential trend chart, and life is starting to move much faster. ​ ​ ​​

​ Our mission with Three Fold is to align with creatives of many walks — artists, musicians, content creators, managers, tastemakers and influencers that are striving to make meaningful social impacts, inspire others to do the same, and are interested in exploring how virtual currencies and distributed platforms can shape and influence our future virtual selves.

It’s all about incentive systems that reinforce positive behaviors both locally and globally, and we are on the verge of a global shift in how we assign, share & distribute value to one another. Distributed data systems like a blockchain or DAGs (Directed Acyclic Grid), smart contracts and what will follow in their wake are a big deal. ​​

​ By heightening awareness of these emerging technologies, we can do our part to facilitate change, becoming the cresting ocean rather than the one treading water. We want to help bridge the gap between artists to the platforms of the future. Ultimately, these platforms aim to eliminate the need for any bridge between parties at all (artist to fan, buyer to seller).​

The issue? Adoption.

There’s simply not enough awareness or education to expect an immediate shift yet. Decentralized media platforms are still very new technologies as well, and the proliferation of artists raising their own digital cash (TGEs — Token Generated Events) is likely still a few years out, as the protocol layers get battle-tested for resilience, bigger better Dapps get released, and secure mobile accessibility becomes the norm. ​​​ ​​

Artists, entrepreneurs (every Artist in 2019 needs to be considering themselves an entrepreneur) and other early adopters will be riding a very interesting wave as digital borders recede in what could be imagined as a “Cloud-based Crowd-Sourced Economy of Things”. Securing and distributing royalties in automated smart contracts, license payments, easily crowd-sourcing events that fans can sponsor, raising funds for a video, tour or album, distributing your creative IP to fans/investors as the Artist equivalent to equity in a company; the options for uniquely managing and controlling your own Data/Brand/Art will be immense. But it’s funky territory to navigate, it takes some real time and effort to imagine entirely new ways of monetizing your digital self.

We promote radical self-design, and strive to help others learn ways of creating, promoting and monetizing (soon to be tokenizing, we hope) their own unique brand of threefold growth.

Three-Fold Media is a forward thinking ‘Label-meets-Holistic Consulting-meets-Matchmaker’. We cut through the virtual noise with music that matters. If you’re a socially conscious artist looking for something new, please stop by our website and say hello.